What Every Apartment Must Have

What Every Apartment Must Have

Every apartment is different from its neighbor. It is in this difference that your individuality lies. But there are certain common things that make an apartment a nice and comfortable one. These are essential classics and key ingredients that make the foundation of a good home. From apartments in Salt Lake City to those in Silicon Valley, here are a few things that all apartments must have:

The kitchen must have the basic things like a stove, pots, blender, saucepans, can opener, wooden spoons, sharp knives etc. If you give your food the first priority then it’s your kitchen that needs your attention most. You must fill up your kitchen with all the things you need to make a quick and healthy meal.

A comfortable bed and a couch where you can drop down after a full day’s work, or you might want to lounge back and relax while having your favorite drink, watching your favorite show or reading your favorite book.

A toolbox with basic tools like a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrench etc. will come in handy in a myriad of ways. It will save you from the pain of calling and waiting for your maintenance service when all you need to do is tighten a screw or hang your favorite painting on the wall.

It’s good to have bookshelf in plain view inside your apartment. Even if you read most of them on an electronic device, a few books are always good to have around. Sometimes you just want to flip through the pages for inspiration or a little reading. Put up a shelf for periodicals and magazines so you can finish them before the next issue. If you’re not big on collecting such things, make them classics that even a visitor might enjoy picking up.

Light sources that are neither too dim nor too hard on your eyes. If you are a night person then these are your alternate suns. A bad light source will negatively affect your mood and eyesight in more ways than you know. You must have at least two oppositely placed light sources in each room so that you don’t see everything half in shadows.

Long extension cords that may reach any corner of your apartment. Shortage of extension cords will force you to fix yourselves and your devices to uncomfortably limited spaces. If you want true freedom with your electricity, you must have extension cords that may reach wherever you want them to.

A beautiful green plant (or more) that refreshes your breathing air and looks good in your room. You may kill it after a while, but have at least one that will keep you closer to nature. Don’t install intricate ones that need a lot of care and pruning and watering. Choose a plant that is good to go with infrequent watering and your carelessness towards it, and doesn’t cause any mess.