Clean Your Apartment Efficiently

Even though your home looks clean on the outside, it might be swarming with microscopic organisms and germs that may eventually make you sick for no apparent reason. Millions of microbes live with you on your couches, carpets, doormats, curtains, kitchen slabs, keyboards, bed sheets, blankets and almost anywhere you can think of.

You may be living in your seemingly very clean apartments in Salt Lake City, but how can you be sure enough that your home is free of germs. Read on to find out easy ways to disinfect your apartment.

Treat your carpets and doormats with antiseptic sprays every once in a while. Remove the darker stains with a steaming iron. The hot steam not only pyrolyzes the bacteria in your carpets but also removes ugly looking stains and molds. To get oily stains out, use vinegar and baking soda. Using cornstarch, vinegar, dish soap and some cold water, you can remove almost any kind of oil stain. Use vinegar to clean your dirty blinds.

Get the stains out of your fabric couch and beds using isopropyl alcohol, a white sponge, some elbow grease, and a white bristle brush to make them look like new. Alcohol is also good sterilizer for smooth surfaces like plastics, glass, ceramics etc.

Dust of your fan blades, exhausts and tubes carefully. Be sure that the dust doesn’t fall off on your bed, couches, carpet, or spread in the air you breathe. Use an old pillow cover to get to dust on the fan blades so that it remains inside.

Kitchen sinks are usually dirtier than most bathrooms and toilet seats because of the bacteria that attacks on the food particles stuck on the steel surface. You can easily sanitize your kitchen slabs, faucets and sink with an ingenious mixture of rock salt, vinegar, baking soda, lemons and ice cubes.

Use a vacuum pump to clean out your AC. Fix the open end of the vacuum tube directly to the exhaust end of your room AC and suck out the dirt by reversing the usual air direction.

Your microwave oven may get really gross if you don’t clean it regularly. Although most of the bacteria are killed by the radiation, many species are not. A very effective way to clean out the greasy mess is to scrub it with baking soda, dishwashing liquid and vinegar.

Use window cleaner with ammonia to clean stove tops, doors and windows. Wax such surfaces after cleaning so that the next time you clean them it’s a lot easier. Use an old toothbrush to clean the grease out of kitchen vent filters and exhausts.

The cabinets and drawers must be entirely clean. A clean wet sponge will suffice, just make sure you rinse the sponge frequently. The easiest way to clean the drawers is to take them out, turn them upside down over the basket and gently tap the bottom and wipe out with a sponge. The outside of the cupboards must have all grease removed, and a good wood soap works best. Follow same directions for bathroom sink.