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Is A Low Interest Credit Card Right For You?

Low interest credit cards are the most desirable of all credit cards. These cards cost you less if you are not able to pay your credit card debts on a monthly basis. You will save large amounts on your credit card debt as opposed to the standard high interest rate of most cards.

But as in everything, there is a downside. Low interest credit cards do not have reward schemes or perks associated with their use. For example, with a higher interest rate credit card, you can earn 1% - 5% credit on every purchase you make, so if you use your card frequently this could amount to substantial savings and even reduce your overall payment to the credit card company.

If you regularly make rather small purchases, rewards may again not be feasible for you.
If you make larger purchases then rewards may be the best thing for you, as the 1% - 5% credits on each purchase will save you a considerable amount of money. This will reduce your cost per purchase and decrease the amount you owe to the credit card company. The savings may offset higher interest rates and make the lower interest rate credit card impractical.

If you normally pay your credit card debts monthly you may want to consider the pros and cons of low interest credit cards. What you gain with low interest, you will lose with reward benefits. If you pay your credit card debts on time you will not be paying much interest, so the lower interest rates will not really benefit you while the reward programs will benefit you on every purchase.

Assess your needs and take a look at your purchase patterns. This will help you to make the right decision as to which credit card will be best for you and your needs. Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of low interest credit cards, you can decide whether this type of card will work for you.

There are many websites available which show the different credit cards and what they are offering you. They have reviews and comparisons available to help you make an educated decision. Make some quick comparisons of low interest credit cards on line and find the best credit card interest rates.

Which credit cards are the best?

For years my wife and I have both had our own credit cards. I carry a Visa and an American Express and Janet carries a Diners and a Mastercard. We have always managed fine and there have never been any problems. We were out at friends for coffee the other evening and we listened to a conversation about all the different kinds of credit cards that are available. I made a list of these credit cards. Here it is:
o • Low Interest Credit Cards
o • Instant Approval Cards
o • Bad Credit Credit Cards
o • Rewards Credit Cards
o • Cash Back Credit Cards
o • Student Credit Cards
o • Business Credit Cards
o • Balance Transfer Cards
o • Hotel/Airline Credit Cards
o • Prepaid Credit Cards

So of course we are now thinking that we can improve our situation and save money at the same time by switching to different cards. The big question is where to begin and how to choose our new credit cards. I’ve been looking at credit cards on the internet for 2 days and at this point in time I am no wiser. But I’m learning a lot about the subject.